1.06a Mi katãe lɛ kpo dzom

1.06a Mi katãe lɛ kpo dzom

Purchase the number of copies you need for each member of your chorus. Please do not simply purchase one and photocopy. The Amu Score Project supports activities of the Ephraim Amu Foundation in Ghana.

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$ 2.00 USD

The publishing rights for for Yɛn ara asase ni in North America is held by the Galaxy Music Corporation for a limited time. Please acquire that title from Galaxy Music here:

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Historical Background

Mí katãe lɛ kpo dzom (All of us are happy) for SATB chorus is the Eʋe version of the song Ɛnnɛ yɛ anigyeda, and is one of Amu’s miscellaneous secular works. The Twi version has a composition date of 1931. There is no date available for Mí katãe lɛ kpo dzom. Sometimes, Amu was inclined to write a song in both Eʋe and Twi concurrently. With such songs, it is difficult to say which one was written first. The melodic contour does follow more closely, however, the speech tones in Twi here.

There is no available recording for this title.

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