1.02b Yɛn ara asase ni

1.02b Yɛn ara asase ni

Purchase the number of copies you need for each member of your chorus. Please do not simply purchase one and photocopy. The Amu Score Project supports activities of the Ephraim Amu Foundation in Ghana.

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$ 2.00 USD

The publishing rights for for Yɛn ara asase ni in North America is held by the Galaxy Music Corporation for a limited time. Please acquire that title from Galaxy Music here:

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Historical Background

Yɛn ara asase ni for SATB chorus is the Twi version of V1:2a, Amɛwo dzifɛ yĩgba. The original Eʋe version was composed in May 1929. Amu translated it into Twi in 1931, and the Ghana Education Service translated it into Ga and Dagbani. It was written for school children in Peki, (composer’s birthplace) at the request of a teacher for the celebration of Empire Day, hence the “strongly patriotic flavor of the text” as stated by the composer. Dr. Amu chose words that would inspire the children to become responsible citizens of the future. The rhythm was intended to interest them at that age. For many years, the song was played on Ghana Television and the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation at the close of day, until the stations started a 24-hour transmission. It has become recognized as the ‘National song’ and is played at official functions; a patriotic song that is very inspiring and has been embraced nationally. It is also played at the various missions abroad during official functions.

Performers: Chorus of the University of Ghana, Performing Arts Department, Music Director: Dr. Willie Anku. Studio recording, 2009.

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