1.01 Onipa da woho so

1.01 Onipa da woho so

Purchase the number of copies you need for each member of your chorus. Please do not simply purchase one and photocopy. The Amu Score Project supports activities of the Ephraim Amu Foundation in Ghana.

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$ 2.00 USD

The publishing rights for for Yɛn ara asase ni in North America is held by the Galaxy Music Corporation for a limited time. Please acquire that title from Galaxy Music here:

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Historical Background

Onipa da woho so for SATB chorus was composed in June 1928, and is one of Amu’s sacred songs. This is the very first of Amu’s “African Songs.” It is based on the Christian scripture 1 Peter 5:8. Up to this time, music for worship included only imported European mission hymns translated into the local languages. Amu believed if the tunes were to follow the tone in the tonal languages, it would bolster participation. He deemed the enterprise to be dangerous. As his biographer Fred Agyemang recounts it: “Amu knew he was taking two risks in this projected adventure that Sunday. He was sure that any song which sounded like [traditional song], or… indigenous lyric in church would arouse very strong feelings; it could be outrageous to many orthodox and conservative members of the congregation. Secondly, he was going to conduct his students of the seminary to sing this innovative song at church; he would be criticized for contaminating the minds and souls of the students with his pagan songs. To his critics, indigenous music was pagan music.” (Agyemang, Amu the African, p. 68).  Rather, the congregation was deeply moved. This song was the beginning of a whole new genre of music for worship.

Peformers: University of Ghana Chorus, Musical Director: Ephraim Amu.

Ghana Asuafo Reto Dwom: Ghanaian Students Sing. Stereo SRLP 5027.

This is the TTBB version. No recording is available for SATB.

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